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A group of Chinese and other Asian language translators in technical and business fields. We are educated both in the US and in our native countries with Ph.D., M.S. or MBA degrees from Asian and American universities. Our translators are people who love language and are gifted with the capability to write fluently in professional English as well as in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and other Asian languages.

For example, one of our translations of an article from Time magazine was published in Chinese Translators Journal (No. 4, pp. 61-64, 1996) as a sample of translation excellence. We felt particularly honored since the journal publishes only one Chinese sample translation and one English sample translation in each bimonthly issue. In 1996, we also published a Chinese translation of one of our own research papers in a prestigious scientific journal in China, Kexue Tongbao (Chinese Science Bulletin, V. 41, pp. 1778-1782, 1996), the equivalent of Science in the US and Nature in UK. It was printed as submitted: The editor did not change a single character or a punctuation mark.

Our Chinese name is 信达译文社 (Xinda Translation Services), which stems from a famous statement by a prominent translator of modern China, Mr. Yan Fu. In 1898, in the introduction to his translation of the book "Completed Works of Thomas Henry Huxley, Volume IX" (Chinese title《天演论》), Mr. Yan wrote, "There are three difficulties with translation: fidelity, fluency and elegance." (译事三难信达雅). The first character in our name is ( Xin, which means fidelity, and pronounced Hsin), the second is ( Da, meaning fluency). These principles of fidelity, fluency and elegance are the hallmarks of our services.


We appreciate your expertise and are following your advice. We feel that you do impart a rare combination of techno-logical aptitude along with a great artistic flair. Just wonderful!
Rick Short, Director
Corporate Communications
Indium Corporation of America
This is a consulting project to name a company that they are setting up in China. The client is very happy with the names that we came up with for the new company.

Hello Bin: Here is what the editor told me which pleases me a lot: Here is the edited file. The translator did a very good job. The only omission I discovered is corrected with tracking. After that one is corrected, you have a very good work to deliver!
Marcela D. Pinilla, Latino Medica Consultants Inc.


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